Why should your hotel work with H-Booking.com?

1. H-Booking.com will be a pure online Hotel Booking site

2. H-Booking.com have a name, which is very easy to remember. "H" is the symbol for Hotel since immemorial times

3. There is no cost to join H-Booking.com

4. You only pay commission for guest who stay at your Hotel. 

5. We do not charge commission if the guest do no show up

6. H-Booking.com will make a bonus system, so with more guests you get from H-Booking.com, more bonus you will get back. 

7. You will from your reception, control how many rooms, you offer trough H-Booking.com 

8. You will be able to put special offer, like late booking etc, from your control panel on our page. This will immediately be shown to all our guests world wide. 

9.  You will save money on marketing with H-Booking.com

10. You will save money on reception staff with H-Booking.com

11. Most important of all - You will get more guests on your hotel with H-Booking.com

More information about how you can join us, will be available from around 01.07.18 under "Join us"