Join us as an agent is offering you a big job opportunity. 

We search entusiastic people to join our team. You will work as our agent, and can to it as a full job, or combine with other work. 

The work is to get Hotels to join the system. 

In the work it will be important, that you maintain good and regular contact, with your hotels. This so the hotel get the best service, and more guests from

We search agents all over the world. Startup is planed to be from 01.07.18. 

What we offer:

1. We offer you to work in a dynamic team in the Hotel Business

2. We offer bonus system, of all the hotels you get contract with, in your portfolio. This bonus you will have as long you are an agent for 

3. The bonus will depend on how many bookings we get at "your" hotels, and you will get a bonus based up on that. 

4. The bonus system will be maintained after scaling system, up to maximum 5 years after you stop work for H-Booking (this is based on a minimum working time with H-Booking of 3 years). 

5. We offer all marketing material necessary for the work. 

What you have to offer;

1. Big interest for the job

2. Be organised and like to work independent

3. Be easy to communicate with

4. Have your own car, cellular phone and driver license

5. Allow us to put marketing material on your car. 

6. Be registered with your own company, as an agent or self employed. You must send us a invoice each month.  

7. Age minimum 25 years. 

8. If you have experience in the Hotel business will be a plus. 

If you are interested in work with us, you can use the contact form, for agents